Punjab Institute of Mental Health, Lahore has two Libraries. One Library is situated in Rehabilitation Unit and other has established on 1 st floor of Emergency Department. In Rehabilitation Centre Library, 368 Books are available on different topics like history, current affairs, comedy, religion and some novels. Daily News Papers weekly magazines are present for patients. Patients attend Library read news papers, books and discuss different topics in group discussion session. Important news are written on notice board to improve their knowledge. Patients are issued books for reading from library.

The other Library in Emergency Department is for Doctors, Paramedical Staff and other hospital personnels. It has 271 Medical Books on different medical topics. Daily News Papers, weekly magazines are available there. Rigorous efforts are being done to improve Libraries on modern basis. The future plan for access to Internet, Computers, Laptops, New Building for Library, Continuous Medical Education Programme, Seminars, Auditorium, New Books and Journals will bring a new era in Library Sciences.