Future Plans


Following Strategies / Programmes are being adopted to improve the Mental Health Care Services.

  • Continuing Medical Education.
  • Public Awareness Programmes.
  • Establishment of a Library Equipped with the on Line Linkages.
  • Computerization of the Hospital Record with Inter-ward Linkages.
  • Rehabilitation Programme for Drug Addicts (Substance Abusers)
  • Establishment of Two Vocational Rehabilitation Centres
  • Construction of Auditorium for Community Psychiatry
  • Sports Complex for the Patients
  • Construction of Musafar Khana for the patient’s attendants

Above mentioned programmmes are under going through different phases of planning and implementation and will be of great help in improving Mental Health Care Services in our country.

Establishment of Two Vocational Rehabilitation Centres
(One for Male & One for Female)

The purpose of Vocational Rehabilitation is to make productive people out of unproductive people. Health for All by 2000 AD means rehabilitation for all. This will enable the settled patients to lead productive life and will fulfill the Millennium development goals set for health care delivery system.

As per surveys, 13% of the population is suffering from one or the other mental ailment and this is obviously very alarming figure which calls for urgent remedial measures. As huge No. of community members become unproductive due to psychiatric ailments and thus a burden for the families and society, so there is a great need and demand to develop comprehensive plan of action to rehabilitate these patients to achieve their complete social integration. By the up-gradation of the existing occupational therapy unit, provision of all the vocational skills will be made so that these patients are imparted vocational training to make them useful and productive citizen of the society to enable them to thrive in the society with the sense of dignity and respect.

Construction of Auditorium for Community Psychiatry.
The treated patients sent back in community do not have the proper follow-up due to non-existing of posting of psychiatrist at THQ & DHQ level. Consequently patient falls into the hand of quacks, fake spiritual magic spellers and being chained as concept of haunted or caught by the devil. All the cost & efforts incurred for treatment of mentally ill patients are wasted due to non-existence of proper follow-up system. There is a comprehensive plan to train the doctors and paramedics for treatment of psychiatric patients and follow up of treated / settled patients at the FIRST LEVEL CONTACT FACILITIES, THQs & DHQs level.

The creation of awareness among the community regarding the mental illnesses, their prevention, handling of these patients and availability of psychiatric services is highly imperative to contain the rising incidence of psychiatric diseases. This component involves the construction of an auditorium with the sitting capacity of 500, fully equipped with Audio Visual Aids and a Media Van to conduct out reach awareness campaigns. This auditorium will be multi purpose and will be used to train medical / para medical staff from the periphery to deal with such patients in their respective areas. This auditorium will also be convertible into cinema hall to arrange the movies shows and stage dramas for the amusement & recreation of the patients. Besides this the lectures will be arranged for the families of the patients & general public to create awareness among them about the mental diseases.

Sports Complex.
The sports therapy is a great help for rehabilitating the patients both physically & mentally. The facilities for different In-Door & Out-Door games will be provided to the patients along with logistics.

Construction of Musafar Khana for the patient’s attendants
The objective of this project is to provide shelter to the attendants of the admitted patients as presently no such facility is available .The provision of this facility will bring a great relief for the patients and their families.