Out-Patient Department

Out Patient Department is being run under control of Addl. Medical Suptd. (OPD). An addition to providing care to the psychiatric patients the building is also housing Social Services Projects, Dental Out Patient Department, Radiology Department and Ultrasonography Room. About 500 to 600 patients with Psychiatric problems visit out patient department daily and are provided free consultation, drugs and Psychotherapeutic intervention if required . Out Patient Department remains open on all working days in the morning shift. Two Consultant Psychiatrists, One Registrar and 04 to 05 Medical Officers / Women Medical Officers accompanied by Clinical Psychologist and Medical Social Officer are present to help the patient & their families. Out Patient Department is sub divided functionally for purpose of smooth running into rooms for General Psychiatric patients, Child guidance Clinic, Follow up Clinic for Epileptic patients and Psychological Counseling. All sorts of psychatric patients are managed in OPD, e.g. Anxiety disorders, Schizophrenia, Mood disorders, etc. All these patients are provided treatment free of cost.