This Institute was founded at its present place in the year 1900 AD to provide Health care to Mentally Sick persons. It was named “Lunatic Asylum”. Law was formulated to run it named “Lunacy Act of 1912”. At that time this hospital encompassed a piece of land consisting of 172 Acres, which has shrinked to a piece of land within the boundary walls (2008 AD). The Governing Law Lunacy Act 1912 being unsuitable and inconvenient was replaced by “Mental Health Ordinance in 2001”. The name of “ Govt. Mental Hospital ” was changed to “ Govt. Hospital for Psychiatric Diseases in 1996, and was renamed as “Punjab Institute of Mental Health” in 2002. It consists of 1400 beds as indoor facility and about 500-600 patients visit Out Patient Deptt. per day and are provided free treatment.


Punjab Institute of Mental Health is only of its kind in the country rather it is the largest facility for psychiatrically disturbed patients, in South Asia . It is 1400 bedded hospital spread over an area of 50 Acres of land, with good looking green lawns and abundant plantation, surrounding the wards.

This Institute is providing services to patients belonging not only the Punjab but also to adjacent areas of all provinces including Azad Jammu and Kashmir .

The presently organized setup is bifurcated functionally into Administrative & Clinical setups.

  1. Administrative Setup
  2. Clinical Setup