Indoor Departments

Indoor Departments consist of following :-

  • Five main Psychiatric Units. A,B,C,D,E. Each unit sub-divided into Male & Female Ward.
  • Special Care Units (Both Male & Female)
  • Rehabilitation Units (Male & Female)
  • Addiction Units (Male & Female)

Main Psychiatric Unit :
Each psychiatric unit has got about 180 beds for male & female patients. Each unit is staffed with Two Consultants, One Registrar & 04 to 05 Medical Officers / Women Medical Officers assisted by Para Medical & Lower Staff. Most of the admitted patient are those with psychotic features such as schizophrenia, mood disorders, un-control epileptics with psychotic symptoms.

Special Care Units (Both Male & Female) :
These units are meant for patients who suffer from any physical illness while they are being treated in psychiatric units.

Diagnostic Facilities are also available and consist of Pathology Lab., Radiology Department, EEG Department, ECG Facility, ECT Department, Dental Department & services of Clinical Psychologists are also available for Psychometric assessment and Psychotherapeutic Intervention.

Rehabilitation Units (Male & Female) :
Rehabilitation Services are also available for both Male & Female patients in the Institute. These have Female Rehabilitation Unitbeen started for reintegration of Psychotic patients when they regain insight or their illness has been controlled.

For male patients both Indoor & Outdoor games are available. These facilities are being provided to the admitted patients, unit wise as well as collectively. For example Luddo, Karam Board, Table Tennis as Indoor Games and Cricket, Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton etc. as Outdoor Games. A Library is also available for patients who are literate. Different types of sport events are being conducted in routine and annuallMale Rehabilitation Unity. Both Interward as well as with teams of different special people such as Fountain House and residents of Social Welfare Complex. Teams of our patients also participated in Para Olympics and won trophies and prizes on good performance.

During evening time patients are encouraged to participate in recreational activities like watching T.V., listening Music etc. as part of Rehabilitation process Female patients are involved in Sewing Cloths, Embroidery & making Decoration pieces are various types.

Occupational Therapy is an iFemale patients working in Occupational Therapy Unitntegral part of rehabilitation activities. For this purpose an Occupational Therapy unit has been established for both Male & Female patients, where job skills are taught to the patients practically, to make them useful and productive member with earning hands for their families. These skills include Weaving, Woodwork, Tailoring & Black Smith’s work.

Agro-Therapy Unit has recently been started for patiePatients working in Agro-Therapy Unitnts with rural background. Patients work here to grow vegetables and fruity plants which are utilized by the in-patients. In this way every inch of the land is being utilized for welfare of the patients.



Addiction Units (Male & Female) :
A 30-bedded unit for Addicts isTeam of Addiction Unit also functioning in this Institute. In this unit patients are admitted and detoxification is carried out. A Rehabilitation programme for these patients is also in the planning phase and requires attention & co-operation of higher authorities.