A mere Asylum of the 19 th century, turning into Mental Hospital in mid twenties is now the glorious Punjab Institute of Mental Health. With its century old infrastructure, it promises futuristic approach in psychiatric care. Standing magnificently within its four-walls it is the ultimate care provider to the mentally sick in particular and the general population at large. Its services are unmatched in the country’s medical history. Serving the unserved, the institute is a unique facility for the needy humanity. Our patients who loose insight and are abandoned by their families are well taken care of in this institute.

The idea behind the creation of this website is to provide information, to both the needy and philanthropists who are in helping position. Secondly to provide awareness / networking about the services, this institute is offering to the community. Psychiatric disorders are treatable or at least are controllable. Both patients and their families can benefit by coming here. Mental disorder is just like any physical disease, but unfortunately it is not acceptable to family and to the patient. It is dire need of the day to create awareness among people of our society about mental disorders for which this website may be of great help. This website will be a source of social mobilization, advocacy and sensitization of the community as well as complete information on this discipline of medicine.

May God help us and all those who need help.